CAPYBARA Animation.





We believe that high quality animation is hard work and great fun.
Having worked on major feature animation films, our team is the seasoned go-to for your next project. We specialize in story development, preproduction, layout, modeling, rigging and animation. Scroll along and let us introduce ourselves.



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Niels Medemblik

Lighting TD

And Niels said, let there be light.


Sem Assink

Director & Supervisor

Once upon a time, long ago in 2005, the first ever Dutch 3D animated short film was born at the Netherlands Filmacademy. And Sem graduated with this very special piece of Amsterdam history! In the decade that followed he developed his

skills as a character/creature animator and

Story Artist at Guerrilla Games.
From 2016 on out, Sem changed his course back into his original love: film. Since then he has been awakening robot dinosaurs, vampire cows, alien infected cleaners, floating carpets, giant sloths, and so on. His undestroyable patience, positive attitude and creative eye earned him the seat of supervising animator. Next to guiding a team of animators, he is also a tutor for new talent at the Netherlands Filmacademy.


Lewis van der Werf

Lead Animator

Don’t let that huge smile deceive you; Lewis is serious when it comes to animation. He studied animation in the Netherlands, Scotland and France, and is a passionate and ambitious animator who knows his way around 3D and 2D animation, layout and storyboarding. He gets heavily inspired by Asterix & Obelix, Tintin and Looney Tunes. Animation is not the only thing that impassionates Lewis; he loves to play squash, draws a beautiful portrait in a matter of minutes, and the rumour goes he can cook a really tasty risotto.